I don’t wanna die, but death is an extremely comforting thought to me. I’m not scared to die, I don’t really mind it at all. ♡

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in all my years i have never finished a pencil

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Words of emotion
Sometimes it’s nice just to sit in the middle of the road and just have power over whether you live or die. To know that you can roll right out of the moving vehicle or just remain in place and let it all go. It’s so relaxing to know that if today I wanted to die, I could do it. I could end my life and let everything go completely.
How perfectly amazing would it be to be able to let everything go? Like how wonderful is it to know that when you die, there’s a better place up there? There’s no sadness, no pain, no fear, no guilt, no remorse, no hatred, no suffering. Just happiness. Peace and happiness. No hurting.
There’s no going back. I’d be dead. I would not be able to come back to anyone. But it would be worth it because no suffering, how amazing does that sound? No pain in my heart or in my mind. To be completely free from my anxiety and my hurt and my depression. It would be utterly gone.


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